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Rev. Richard
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Rev. Richard Mr. Clean White - It's Me Again... I Refuse To Bow Down!


This album features Bishop Richard "Mr. Clean" White performing 8 amazing Gospel numbers in the way only he can! This album originally recorded for Meltone Records is being presented here for the first time on CD.

Track Listing

  1. It's Me Again (6:03)
    Lead Vocals - Rev. Richard "Mr. Clean" White
  2. I Refuse To Bow Down (4:38)
    Lead Vocals - Evangelist Rubeinstein McClure
  3. Ye Must Be Born Again (5:30)
    Lead Vocals - Shun Pace Rhodes
  4. Oh How He Must Love Me (6:57)
    Lead Vocals - Raymond Miles
  5. I Want Things To Be The Same Way (10:51)
    Lead Vocals - George McCollough
  6. You Will Get Over It (5:48)
    Lead Vocals - Phyllis Pace
  7. Get The Glory Out Of My Life (5:13)
    Lead Vocals - Dumice Pace Love