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The Mills Brothers - Mr. Sandman - Classic Jazz Music
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The Mills Brothers - Mr. Sandman


The Mills Brothers career has been one of the longest in the history of popular music. They had become a successful live and radio act by the late 20s, scored their first hit in 1931, and were still actively performing with 3 of the 4 original brothers into the 1980s. This album features The Mills Brothers with John, Sr. performing many of their best songs including their hits You Always Hurt The One You Love & Glow Worm as well as their amazing rendition of the classic Mr. Sandman.

Track Listing

  1. You Always Hurt The One You Love (3:10)
  2. Till Then (2:56)
  3. Across The Alley From The Alamo (2:12)
  4. Glow Worm (2:08)
  5. Mr. Sandman (1:49)
  6. One Dozen Roses (2:45)
  7. Music Maestro Please (2:48)
  8. Poor Butterfly (2:34)
  9. Moon Glow (2:30)
  10. Autumn Leaves (2:19)
  11. La Cucaracha (2:33)