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L. Andre Patterson & The S.H.O.P. Choir - The Lord Is Blessing Me - Classic Gospel, Christian, Spiritual  Music
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L. Andre Patterson & The S.H.O.P. Choir - The Lord Is Blessing Me


This album features L. Andre Patterson & The S.H.O.P. Choir giving an amazing performance of 10 great Gospel songs, including fan favorite "Everyday Is A Day Of Thanksgiving". Organist Michael Stokes, Pianist Nathaniel Chavis, III, Keyboards Deon Wofford & Steven Smith, Bass Alex Lagrone & Andre McCottry, Percussionist Troy Garner, Jr., James Baker, & Brian Hurt, Sopranos - Teresa Chess, Lashawn Mitchell, Michelle Kennedy, Peggy Stokes, Sonique McGuire, Luvinia Johnson, Stephanie Johnson, Tracy Johnson, Lydia Ross-Hord, Altos - Cynthia Butts, Marie Bradley, Romania (Dot) Cooley, Kenetha Dorsey, Natasha Shepherd, Maresha Wiley, Tracy (Tank) McGuire, Debra Garner, Ernestine Johnson, Latoya Lloyd, Tenors - DAndre Duffy, Tim Harris, Sean Doyle, Thomas Hall, Cory Harris, Quincy Johnson, Tony Smith, Demetrius Cooley, Landers Rivers, Executive Producers - Melvin Couch & Gus Redmond, Producer Andre Patterson, Mixing Don Carroll, Engineering & Mastering Rodney Mills.

Track Listing

  1. It's Amazing How The Lord Provides (2:57)
  2. A Very Present Help (6:16)
  3. The Lord Is Blessing me (3:43)
  4. Everyday Is A Day of Thanksgiving (4:44)
  5. I'm Pressing (2:27)
  6. It's Important To Me That I'm Saved (3:47)
  7. God's Grace (5:19)
  8. Call Jesus Up (3:31)
  9. I Know Him (3:56)
  10. The Lord Strong & Mighty (4:12)