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Mississippi Fred McDowell - Mississippi Fred McDowell - Classic Blues, Folk Music
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Mississippi Fred McDowell - Mississippi Fred McDowell


It has been said that Mississippi Fred McDowell was so poor that he could not afford to purchase his own guitar until after he had been playing for twenty years! It can be stated without qualification that Fred McDowell is a singer and guitarist of such commanding power and originality that he must be counted as one of the leading "Delta Blues" players of all time. He is the master of the bottleneck blues guitar style applied by other legendary players such as Robert Johnson, Bukka White and Big Joe Williams. All of the players listed above used the guitar as both a melodic and a rhythm instrument by slapping the body neck and strings, creating a uniquely American style of music which has captivated generations of fans. This album contains many gripping and soulful cuts which have become both rock and blues standards, including Good Morning Little School Girl (later covered by the Yardbirds), Got To Move (covered by The Rolling Stones) and a sizzling version of The Train I Ride (covered by UFO). This album is a must have for any student or enthusiast of the delta blues guitar technique.

Track Listing

  1. What's The Matter With Papa's Little Angel Child (4:09)
  2. Levee Camp Blues (5:54)
  3. Got To Move (2:51)
  4. Get Right Church (3:37)
  5. Big Fat Mama (3:20)
  6. Unknown Blues (4:16)
  7. Good Morning Little School Girl (3:27)
  8. Keep Your Lamp Trimmed And Burning (3:35)
  9. You Ain't Gonna Worry My Life No More (3:11)
  10. The Train I Ride (5:14)