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Richy Kicklighter, Unknown, Jazz, Modern, Contemporary, Smooth
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Richy Kicklighter - Unknown


Richy Kicklighter is best known for his strong original compositions and his smooth, melodic playing style, and "Unknown" is a fantastic example of Richy's unique guitar work in action.

Richy first came to prominence in the late 1980s after releasing his debut album "Just For Kicks," which was an immediate hit on contemporary jazz radio, charting both in the USA and overseas. Over the next several years Richy continued to record and release charting albums which established him as one of the most prominent new jazz guitarists of the era. Since then Richy has continued to expand the musical genres found on his albums to include blues, R&B, and world beat influences. These other stylistic elements, fused with his trademark style of melodic jazz guitar, have helped Richy to create a unique sound that is all his own.

Featuring 8 original compositions done in the way only Richy can, "Unknown" is classic Richy Kicklighter at his best.

Track Listing

  1. R&B In C (5:44)
  2. Unknown (5:03)
  3. On And On (6:58)
  4. Just For You (5:13)
  5. Cool Breeze (5:33)
  6. Florida Road (6:03)
  7. Calling (5:37)
  8. R&B In D (6:01)