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Various Artists - Those Dirty Blues Volume 4, Classic Pre War Blues, Hokum, Rude Blues
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Various Artists - Those Dirty Blues Volume 4


This fourth installment of the Those Dirty Blues series contains 25 more classic Dirty Blues recordings in a beautifully digitally remastered state. Featuring such famed performers as Alberta Hunter, Mississippi John Hurt, Jelly Roll Morton, Blind Blake, The Memphis Jug Band, Lil Johnson, The Famous Hokum Boys, The Mississippi Sheiks, Papa Charlie Jackson, and many other legends, this compilation is sure to be greatly enjoyed by any fan of Pre-War Jazz or Blues.

Track Listing

  1. Banana In Your Fruit Basket   (Bo Carter) (3:09)
    Guitar & Vocals - Bo Carter. Recorded In New York June 4th 1931.
  2. Don't Start No Stuff   (The Harlem Hamfats) (2:43)
    Guitar & Vocals - Joe McCoy (AKA Hamfoot Ham), Trumpet - Herb Morand, Clarinet - Buster Bailey, Piano - Horace Malcolm, Guitar/Mandolin - Charlie McCoy, Bass - Ransom Knowling Or John Lindsay, Drums - Fred Flynn Or Pearlis Williams. Recorded In New York April 20th 1938.
  3. Second Hand Man   (Alberta Hunter) (2:54)
    Vocals - Alberta Hunter, Piano - Alex Hill, Other Musicians Unknown. Recorded In New York March 20th 1935.
  4. Bring It With You When You Come   (Cannon's Jug Stompers) (2:45)
    Guitar & Vocals - Hosea Woods, Banjo - Gus Cannon, Harmonica - Noah Lewis, Other Musicians Unknown. Recorded In Memphis, Tennessee November 24th 1930.
  5. Nobody's Dirty Business   (Mississippi John Hurt) (2:54)
    Guitar & Vocals - Mississippi John Hurt. Recorded In Memphis, Tennessee February 14th 1928.
  6. Don't Tear My Clothes No. 2   (Chicago Black Swans) (2:43)
    Guitar & Vocals - Big Bill Broonzy, Trumpet - Possibly Lee Collins, Clarinet - Odell Rand Or Arnett Nelson, Piano - Black Bob, Other Musicians Unknown. Recorded In Chicago January 26th 1937.
  7. Somebody's Been Usin' That Thing   (Al Miller) (2:37)
    Mandolin & Vocals - Al Miller, Guitar & Vocals - Rodgers. Recorded In Richmond, Indiana February 12th 1929.
  8. Big Leg Mama (John Russel Blues)   (Kokomo Arnold) (2:43)
    Guitar & Vocals - Kokomo Arnold. Recorded In Chicago September 11th 1935.
  9. Take It Easy Greasy   (Lil Johnson) (3:25)
    Vocals - Lil Johnson, Piano - Black Bob, Other Musicians Unknown. Recorded In Chicago February 12th 1936.
  10. Diddie Wa Diddie   (Blind Blake) (2:59)
    Guitar & Vocals - Blind Blake. Recorded In Richmond, Indiana August 17th 1929.
  11. My Handy Man Ain't Handy No More   (Edith Wilson) (3:35)
    Vocals - Edith Wilson, Other Musicians Unknown. Recorded In New York October 6th 1930.
  12. Devil And My Brown Blues   (Bo Weavil Jackson) (2:52)
    Guitar & Vocals - Bo Weavil Jackson. Recorded In New York September 30th 1926.
  13. The Naked Dance   (Jelly Roll Morton) (2:55)
    Piano - Jelly Roll Morton. Recorded In New York December 14th 1939.
  14. Sissy Man Blues   (George Noble) (2:40)
    Piano & Vocals - George Noble. Recorded In Chicago March 5th 1935.
  15. Papa Wants A Cookie   (Leroy Carr & Scrapper Blackwell) (2:38)
    Piano & Vocals - Leroy Carr, Guitar & Vocals - Scrapper Blackwell. Recorded In Chicago January 2nd 1930.
  16. Once Or Twice   (Lonnie Johnson & Spencer Williams) (3:05)
    Vocals - Lonnie Johnson & Spencer Williams, Piano - James P. Johnson. Recorded In New York January 8th 1930.
  17. You Put It In, I'll Take It Out   (Papa Charlie Jackson) (3:11)
    Banjo & Vocals - Papa Charlie Jackson. Recorded In Chicago November 3rd 1934.
  18. Saturday Night Rub   (Famous Hokum Boys) (2:57)
    Guitar & Vocals - Big Bill Broonzy, Vocals - Georgia Tom Dorsey, Guitar - Frank Brasswell. Recorded In New York April 9th 1930.
  19. Papa's Got Your Water On   (The Memphis Jug Band) (2:30)
    Harmonica & Vocals - Will Shade, Vocals - Hattie Hart, Kazoo - Ben Ramey, Guitar - Charlie Burse, Jug - Hambone Lewis. Recorded In Memphis Tennessee June 5th 1930.
  20. I'm A Bad Bad Man   (Jim Jackson) (3:09)
    Guitar & Vocals - Jim Jackson. Recorded In Chicago January 23rd 1928.
  21. You've Got To Save That Thing   (Ora Alexander) (3:14)
    Vocals - Ora Alexander, Other Musicians Unknown. Recorded In New York May 25th 1931
  22. Freakish Rider Blues   (Bert "Snake Root" Hatton) (3:26)
    Vocals - Bert "Snake Root" Hatton, Cornet - Possibly Andrew "Babe" Webb, Other Musicians Unknown. Recorded In Chicago or St. Louis, Missouri April 27th 1927.
  23. Old Country Rock   (William Moore) (3:01)
    Guitar & Vocals - William Moore. Recorded In Chicago Circa January 1928.
  24. Candy Man Blues   (Papa Charlie McCoy) (2:56)
    Guitar & Vocals - Papa Charlie McCoy, Piano - Probably Chuck Segar, Other Musicians Unknown. Recorded In Chicago August 13th 1934.
  25. Ramrod Blues   (The Mississippi Sheiks) (2:51)
    Guitar & Vocals - Walter Vinson, Violin - Probably Lonnie Chatman. Recorded At The King Edward Hotel In Jackson, Mississippi December 19th 1930.