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Those Dirty Blues Volume 3, Jazz, Blues, Folk, Rude Blues, Copultin' Blues
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Various Artists - Those Dirty Blues Volume 3


This third installment of the Those Dirty Blues series contains 25 more of the best bawdy Blues recordings of all time in a beautifully digitally remastered state. Featuring such famed performers as Lil Johnson, Bo Carter, Ethel Waters, The Harlem Hamfats, Big Bill Broonzy, The Hokum Boys, Cliff Carlisle, Memphis Minnie, Tampa Red, and many other legends, this compilation is sure to be greatly enjoyed by any fan of Pre-War Jazz or Blues.

Track Listing

  1. She Showed It All   (Napoleon Fletcher & Roosevelt Sykes) (2:32)
    Vocals - Napoleon Fletcher, Speech - Edith Johnson, Piano - Roosevelt Sykes. Recorded In Chicago December 11th 1933.
  2. Honey, You're So Good To Me   (Lil Johnson) (2:56)
    Vocals - Lil Johnson, Piano - Black Bob, Bass - Probably Bill Settles. Recorded In Chicago April 22nd 1936.
  3. Your Biscuits Are Big Enough For Me   (Bo Carter) (2:08)
    Guitar & Vocals - Bo Carter. Recorded At The St. Charles Hotel In New Orleans October 15th 1936.
  4. Organ Grinder Blues   (Ethel Waters) (3:06)
    Vocals - Ethel Waters, Piano - Clarence Williams. Recorded In New York August 23rd 1928.
  5. Garbage Man   (The Harlem Hamfats) (2:25)
    Guitar & Vocals - Joe McCoy (AKA Hamfoot Ham), Trumpet - Herb Morand, Clarinet - Odell Rand, Piano - Horace Malcolm, Guitar/Mandolin - Charlie McCoy, Bass - Harrison Or John Lindsay, Drums - Pearlis Williams. Recorded In Chicago October 2nd 1936.
  6. Struttin' My Stuff   (Lucille Bogan) (2:50)
    Vocals - Lucille Bogan, Other Musicians Unknown. Recorded In Chicago Circa Mid December 1930.
  7. Good Jelly   (Big Bill Broonzy) (3:19)
    Guitar & Vocals - Big Bill Broonzy, Piano - Probably Black Bob. Recorded In Chicago February 26th 1935.
  8. Worn Out Engine Blues   (Blind Boy Fuller) (3:07)
    Guitar & Vocals - Blind Boy Fuller. Recorded In New York March 5th 1940.
  9. Don't Tear My Clothes No. 2   (State Street Swingers Featuring Mary Mack) (3:12)
    Vocals - Mary Mack, Trumpet - Herb Morand, Clarinet - Arnett Nelson, Piano - Probably Black Bob, Other Musicians Unknown. Recorded In Chicago January 26th 1937.
  10. It Makes My Love Come Down   (Bessie Smith) (2:58)
    Vocals - Bessie Smith, Piano - James P. Johnson. Recorded In New York August 20th 1929.
  11. Wipe It Off   (Lonnie Johnson) (3:18)
    Guitar & Vocals - Lonnie Johnson, Vocals - Clarence Williams, Piano - James P. Johnson, Scraper - Spencer Williams. Recorded In New York January 8th 1930.
  12. Caught Us Doing It   (The Hokum Boys) (2:45)
    Guitar & Vocals - Will Weldon (AKA Casey Bill Weldon), Speech - Teddy Edwards, Guitar - Big Bill Broonzy, Bass - Bill Settles. Recorded In Chicago December 16th 1935.
  13. Ash Can Blues   (Cliff Carlisle) (2:58)
    Guitar & Vocals - Cliff Carlisle, Speech - Fred Kirby. Recorded In New York September 28th 1932.
  14. Frankie And Johnny   (Gene Autry) (1:45)
    Guitar & Vocals - Gene Autry. Recorded In New York Possibly November 11th or 16th 1931 Session.
  15. If You See My Rooster (Please Run Him Home)   (Memphis Minnie) (3:13)
    Guitar & Vocals - Memphis Minnie, Piano - Black Bob, Bass - Bob Settles, Other Musicians Unknown. Recorded In Chicago May 27th 1936.
  16. I Like Pie, I Like Cake   (The Four Clefs) (2:47)
    Drums & Vocals - William Chapman, Piano & Background Vocals - James Marshall, Guitar & Background Vocals - Johnny Green, Background Vocals - Melvin Chapman. Recorded In Chicago July 22nd 1941.
  17. Messin' Around   (Fess Williams & His Royal Flush Orchestra) (2:58)
    Clarinet/Alto Sax & Vocals - Fess Williams, Trumpet - George Temple, Trombone - David "Jelly" James, Clarinet/Tenor Sax - Perry Smith, Piano - Henry Duncan, Banjo - Ollie Blackwell, Drums - Ralph Bedell. Recorded In New York October 1st 1926.
  18. I Got What It Takes   (Blanche Calloway & Her Joy Boys) (3:16)
    Vocals - Blanche Calloway, Trumpet - Henry Mason, Clarence Smith, & Edgar Battle, Trombone - Alton Moore, Clarinet/Alto Sax - Ernest Purce, Alto Sax - Leroy Hardy, Tenor Sax - Charlie Frazier, Piano - Clyde Hart, Banjo - Andy Jackson, Bass - Joe Durham, Drums - Cozy Cole. Recorded In Camden, New Jersey November 18th 1931.
  19. My Castle's Rockin'   (Alberta Hunter) (2:29)
    Vocals - Alberta Hunter, Piano - Eddie Heywood, Jr. Recorded In New York June 3rd 1940.
  20. Let Me Play With Your Poodle   (Tampa Red) (2:36)
    Guitar, Kazoo, & Vocals - Tampa Red, Piano - Big Maceo Merriweather, Drums - Clifford "Snags" Jones. Recorded In Chicago February 6th 1942.
  21. The Spasm   (Daddy Stovepipe & Mississippi Sarah) (2:48)
    Guitar, Harmonica, & Vocals - Johnny Watson (AKA Daddy Stovepipe), Jug & Vocals - Sarah Watson (AKA Mississippi Sarah). Recorded In Chicago February 26th 1935.
  22. Somebody's Been Ridin' My Black Gal   (Arthur McKay & Roosevelt Sykes) (2:57)
    Vocals - Arthur McKay, Clarinet - Odell Rand, Piano - Roosevelt Sykes, Other Musicians Unknown. Recorded In Chicago April 30th 1937.
  23. (Good Mornin' Susie) I'm Gonna Beat Your Bread   (Leothus Lee ) (3:10)
    Piano & Vocals - Leothus Lee "Pork Chops" Green, Guitar - Possibly Sleepy John Estes Or Charlie Pickett, Jug - Hammie Nixon. Recorded In New York August 3rd 1937.
  24. Skoodle Um Skoo   (Papa Charlie Jackson) (3:16)
    Banjo & Vocals - Papa Charlie Jackson. Recorded In Chicago November 3rd 1934.
  25. Has My Gal Been Here   (Will Weldon (AKA Casey Bill Weldon)) (2:34)
    Steel Guitar & Vocals - Will Weldon (AKA Casey Bill Weldon), Piano - Possibly Black Bob, Other Musicians Unkown. Recorded In Chicago April 1st 1936.