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Gustav Holst Conducts His Own Work: The Planets (Acoustic Recordings)
Gustav Holst - Gustav Holst Conducts His Own Work: The Planets (Acoustic Recordings)


This album features the rare 1922-1924 acoustic recordings of Holst conducting his most famous piece, The Planets Orchestral Suite. Although the recording technology on these early acoustic recordings leaves much to be desired, the performances on this album are priceless as an historical document showcasing his interpretation of his own work. We have painstakingly restored the original recordings to as great a degree as possible, while retaining the original audio fidelity. As such we believe that these recordings will be most enjoyable by any student of Holst or fan of The Planets.

Gregorian Chants For Meditation
The Benedictine Monks Of El Calcat Abbey & The Benedictine Monks of St. Wandrille De Fontenelle - Gregorian Chants For Meditation


Gregorian Chant has long been recognized as great music to relax by. Gregorian chant is perfect for personal meditation, or for working environments where you wish to have an aura of calm and serenity. This album features 18 soothing tracks that will wash away the stress of the day and leave you feeling centered and at peace.

Piano Rolls
George Gershwin - Piano Rolls


This album features rare Piano Roll recordings of George Gershwin playing his own masterpieces. A must have for any fan of Gershwin's music!